A Natural Diet

The concept of healthy eating has evolved. The advice used to be on eliminating as much fat and sugar as possible, but this has shifted to using wholesome ingredients, with minimal processing, with moderate amounts of fats and sugars, and healthy portions.

This is your resource for a natural diet and natural cooking, and healthier eating. The emphasis in healthy eating is on using wholesome ingredients, fresh or minimal processing, with moderate amounts of fat and sugars. You will discover how to enhance the genuine flavor in food using only natural seasonings, herbs and spices.

Juicing Fruit

Who doesn’t love their orange juice for breakfast? There are so many store-bought varieties to choose from: regular, pulp-free, premium extra-pulp …

Is Gluten Really Harmful?

As always in nutrition, the answer is: it depends. Sometimes consuming gluten is harmful and other times it is not.

A Tasty Gluten Free Diet

Adopting a gluten free diet to treat celiac disease may mean to some people accepting sheer eating boredom. Nothing could be less accurate.

Gluten Free Diet

For those who suffer from celiac disease, or sensitivity to a protein in gluten, eliminating it is the only good treatment. Since there is no cure only a consistent commitment to a gluten-free diet can alleviate the symptoms.

Juice Fasting

The term “juicing” is often associated with fasting. Indeed, juice fasts have become synonymous with cleansing and detoxification, thanks in large part to television infomercials and medical programs.