Breakfast This, Not That

Breakfast is considered by many to be the most important meal of the day. This means that, depending on what you decide to eat for breakfast, can either make your day or it can hinder your performance.

Breakfast This, Not That

Some traditional breakfast options could be better balanced. Some types of breakfast are great for chilly days, some great for warm days and not for all year round. That's no problem. Who said we should always have the same food for brakfast? Let's take a look at a few types of food that you should pick above some of the all-time favorites.

Omelet with bacon and tomato.

Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches are great. They are convenient, portable and incredibly delicious. More breakfast sandwiches are sold at fast food restaurants than any other menu item during the morning rush. The fast food versions of these delicious deli creations are usually loaded with saturated fats and sodium. In order to keep the sandwiches fresh, artificial preservatives are used and the process to heat the sandwich back up is no less invasive, usually involving a deep fryer or a heat lamp.

A great alternative to this morning food is to either buy a breakfast sandwich from a deli, such as your local grocery store or bakery, or make one yourself. Either of the above choices will be fine because truly fresh ingredients will be used and the sandwich will not need to be stored for any length of time.

Toaster Turmoil

The toaster is considered king of morning heating rituals. From the goo-filled toaster pastries to the soggy, meat and bread combinations, the toaster can cook just about anything. Make it a toaster oven and in fact, it can cook anything. The toaster does not need to be looked upon with disdain and remorse any longer. There are better ways to make use of the heat your toaster wants to provide for you.

Freezing food that you cook is a great way to make use of a toaster's heat in the morning. Frozen pancakes or waffles are a great start to your day and do not need to be pre-packaged to make it to your table. The next time you are on the hunt for a good breakfast, reach into your freezer, bypass the goo pastries and opt for a home cooked meal with a frozen pancake or waffle.


When you are able, try and substitute healthy foods for the not so healthy ones. For instance, instead of slathering your toasted waffles with sugary syrup, try smearing them down with peanut butter and a little honey, or perhaps some cream cheese and jelly. There are many substitutions that are just as yummy and much healthier than the typical way we, as Americans, choose to do breakfast.

Whether you are making your own breakfast sandwich, toasting up the perfect breakfast or making sure you are sticking to healthy choices, just remember there has to be a better way. Keeping your health on your mind at all times will aid in making sure you choose the right breakfast food to give you the perfect start to your day.

Lazy Breakfast

Have you ever had one of those days, where you want something good for breakfast, but don't feel like dirtying a bunch of dishes and taking a lot of time to fix something yummy? Let's take a look at some great breakfast ideas for those who want to enjoy their time rather than slave over a hot stove - maybe over the weekend or when not feeling a hundred percent yourself.

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If you have ever had the opportunity to travel overseas, you know exactly what I am talking about. The breakfast spreads throughout Europe are incredible; and they don't take a lot of time to prepare. In Germany, especially, the breakfast hours are mainly there to get you through to lunch. They focus more on spending time with the people they are surrounded with, rather than trying to stuff food into their face and get out of the door - the perfect lazy morning start.

The next time you head to the store, pick up a few croissants, maybe a little honey, some sliced meat - any of the hard meats will do, as well as turkey and ham - a little bit of cheese and top it all off with some grapes and a pint of yogurt. This breakfast has all of the substance that you will need and it is perfect finger food to sit and chat while munching.


While a simple, un-cooked spread will peak the interest of some people, a few adrenaline junkies out there like to try new things; even when they are being lazy. If you are feeling adventurous and are up for a morning out of the house, don't choose the typical breakfast hangout; go for something new and exciting. See if there are any restaurants in your area that specialize in foreign cuisine and check if they serve breakfast. Go to the local Greek deli and pick up some of their pastries and some hummus, or perhaps stop by the French bakery and see what kind of new creations they are coming up with.

If you just want to lounge around in your pajamas all morning, not all is lost. The next time you are at the store, pick up some caviar or some pâté and have it with some crackers and tea. Simple, yet probably something you don't have every morning. Add a little melon and some kefir to the mix and you have a pretty exciting, yet lazy, breakfast.


Sometimes the best lazy breakfasts come from what you already have on hand. While the well-standing favorite of college students is cold pizza, perhaps you have some rice and corn left over from dinner the night before. Mix those together in equal portions with a couple eggs and fry them up in a skillet (much like pancakes) to make an amazing fritter.

You can also do the same thing with mashed potatoes, stuffing and ham, making a bit of a nest for an egg to perch on top. Cook it on the stove and then pop it into the oven for about 10 minutes to end up with a breakfast any lazy weekender would be proud of. Take a look at what you have on hand and try out a few combinations. You will have fun and may even come up with a new favorite recipe for those lazy weekends.