A section about the food we use as the main ingredient in a dish, how to choose choose the best of each kind, properties, how to store it and the best ideas to cook and serve it.

Squash In Salads

Many gardeners experience tremendous pride when they harvest their first squash, and it's no wonder. Squash, any squash, is a beautiful, boastful crop. Part of the thrill is the anticipation, since many varieties of squash take quite a while to appear and ripen. Another reason is, of course, they are just so pretty.

Tomato In Salads

When new gardeners start plotting out their garden, typically the first harvest they envision is the tomato. Yes, the good old tomato ranks first among all the vegetables we imagine in our dream gardens. Why is that? Because the garden tomato is not only easy to grow, but freshly picked, is the tastiest of all vegetables.


Vegetables are the ultimate healthy, seasonal food. Most vegetables are super-foods. Why? They do much more than supplying vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are packed with phyto-chemicals, biologically active substances which scientific evidence suggest may help protect against a vast array of diseases.

Zucchini In Salads

From beginner to seasoned, gardeners all have one thing in common – zucchini. Every gardener knows the pleasure, and the pitfalls, of planting zucchini. We're talking about the all-time winner in vegetables that run amok.