Ideas To Inspire

Ideas to inspire when you want to search for new horizons, be adventurous in cooking, try something new, cook using an ingredient you never used before or use new methods.

Pick Your Own

There is nothing fresher than growing your own fruit and vegetables. However, not all of us have a garden. What to do if you want to enjoy fruit and veggies at their best and do not have the time or space for a kitchen garden? Pick your own!

Sprouting Grains

Grains are possibly one of the healthiest foods on the earth. They are filled with Omega 3s and also provide a great daily amount of roughage to support intestinal health. There is another type of grain, which is becoming more popular with each passing month. Sprouted grains are starting to show up in everything from breads, to salads and even pastas. There is, however, a vast difference between regular grain and sprouted grain for the nutritional aspect as well as taste.

Unusual Slow Cooker Cuisine

Fancy something out of the ordinary? Get hands on to unusual slow cooker cuisine and let your imagination soar.

Yes, You Can Grill That

There is more to grilling than meat. There are other foods that will take you beyond meat, as well as unlikely candidates which bring big flavour. Look at food from a new angle and ask yourself if you cannot or, yes, you can grill that.