Double Issue

Writing is only second to storytelling for communicating ideas and images that pass on essential information, some say, pass on the essence of who we are. A conversation can progress in writing, without the need to meet face to face. It is an ideal method when, as we do, you keep a conversation with people in different time zones.

After chaos, we send again the previous issue. Find Healthy Ways, this month's issue, and Way to Cook, the issue we sent last month and not all of you received, so have all the information to fid the apple.

Food Naturally

A newsletter devoted to all foods natural.

Healthy Ways

Do you eat to live, or live to eat? The answer should be obvious - we should eat for energy - but many people eat the wrong food for the wrong reasons. This month we are all about healthy eating and cooking. So read on and see if you can improve your healthy ways.

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Way to Cook!

If you like imagination on the dinner plate, cheer up. There are more ways to cook food than people with umbrellas in England, probably more. Explore the different ways to cook before the days are too warm and the only way you will cook is on the barbecue. All of us have a few cooking techniques we use most often. This issue reviews the most popular cooking methods used by home cooks.

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