Duck Pate with Cranberries


More stylish and easier? That would be next to impossible. this is an appetizer to put together in minutes. This is also the way to make pate more interesting, something different from the plain thing with crackers.


4 sli
paté (duck paté with port)
1 cn
cranberries (small. cranberries in syrup)
1 cn
cranberry sauce (sweetened)
1 pk
salad leaves (mixed salad)
2 T
nuts (your favorite nut kernels)
1 T
vinegar (raspberry vinegar is ideal)
1 t
1 T
honey (liquid honey)
2 T
nut oil
seasoning (salt and pepper to taste)



Mix vinegar, mustard, honey, oil and season with salt and pepper.


Wash the salad leaves and mix with the dressing in a large bowl.


Distribute the salad leaves among 4 plates, place the duck pate on top, sliced diagonally for effect. Garnish with 1 Tbs cranberry sauce, a few preserved cranberries and nut kernels. Voila!


If difficult to find, substitute cranberries with raspberries, red or black currants, as you prefer, or, to make it a better match, substitute cranberry sauce with apple chutney, cranberries with blanched apple slices and make the dressing with apple balsamic vinegar and a touch less honey.